Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hooray for eBooks

Ever since the fourth grade I've known I wanted to be an author.  I was in awe of the people who wrote my favorite stories and the mystery of how a book came to be.  Aside from keeping a journal when my life seemed especially interesting and the occasional poem or unfinished story, I did not fully commit to writing until about seven years ago, when I decided the pain of not pursuing my dream was greater than the fear of failing.

I did submit my first book, The Elephant Girl, to a publisher.  Four months later I figured I'd rather publish it myself than wait for someone else's approval.  On Demand publishing and eBooks offer so much freedom to writers.  Despite limited success so far, I am determined to be persistent in learning how to let the world know about my books.  I'll also keep on writing them, because seeing my name on a real live book is awesome.