Saturday, September 20, 2014

Enhancing Your Gift of Shielding

Here in the Real World we could be luckier than we think. It might be fun to just imagine having Gifts like Cardonians to travel in dream form or heal with a simple touch. But I think each of us has these abilities to a certain extent. Take Shielding, for example.

In Cardonia, Jonah and other Shielders use their Gift to channel energy from underground and extend it to protect against the horrifying effects of the invading spirits. In the Real World we might not face the problem of psychosis inducing spirit attacks, but some would say there are unwanted energies floating about.

Ever had the experience of going from happy and energized to exhausted and irritable after spending time with a certain someone? It's possible you had your energy zapped by what some call an energy vampire, or had your aura invaded by their negative vibes. Maybe it was the negative attitude of a co-worker or the cloying neediness of an acquaintance. Or even a friend who's just in a bad mood. 

It might sound out there, but stranger things have happened. People who are especially sensitive to picking up energies might even be plagued by disturbing, twisted dreams. They might sense a darkness about them when they are typically light, happy people.

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Luckily, Shielding is not just a Cardonian trick. It's something anyone can do to protect their own energetic space. It's pretty easy, too.

First, you can imagine white light pouring into you through the top of your head. Lovely, safe, and sparkling. Pretend the light is filling your whole body, streaming into your arms, fingers, legs, and toes.

Then, envision the light expanding beyond your skin and forming a protective shield all around you. As big as you want.

That's it. So simple, even an Earthling can do it. Happy Shielding!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

5 Ways to Enhance Your Gift of Dream Traveling

Of all the Gifts those lucky Cardonians get to have, one of my favorites is Dream Travel. I asked Raven to explain to me how she does it. She told me she just goes to sleep and it happens. Not so helpful for a Real World girl. Lucky for me the internet is a vast resource of endless Google searches. After a fascinating few hours of reading up on astral projection, the Real World's equivalent to Dream Travel, I put together some quick tips on how to begin developing this elusive skill.

1. Turn off phones, alarms, etc. to avoid distractions.

It's gonna be tricky setting your astral body free while you're reaching for your phone to read that text that just came in. Or while telling your partner what's for dinner. So closing the door and posting a Do Not Disturb sign might be handy too.

2. Sit or lie quietly and allow yourself to relax.

How often do we let ourselves relax? I know finding the time can be a challenge. Consider using the time when you first wake up (and no one knows you're awake). You should already be relaxed, and hopefully well rested enough that you don't just fall asleep again.

3. Allow the process to happen (or not) in its own time.

Everything I've read about astral projection says it takes practice and patience. One article I read suggests imagining what it would feel like to separate your consciousness from your body. Another describes something called the rope method. Basically you imagine your astral self climbing a rope out of your body.

4. Try an audio aid that encourages theta brainwaves.

The brain typically produces theta waves when we are asleep or in a deep meditative state. This is also prime time for astral projection. There are tons of audios that cause binaural beats (the brain's response to different audio input from each ear) and help the listener get into a particular brainwave state. Here's one on YouTube for theta waves (you need to use headphones or you won't hear anything):

5. Keep notes in a journal to record your experiences.

You might start to notice patterns. Or find some techniques work better than others. Remember, astral projection might not happen right away. Or maybe you'll start to experience it and then stop. Apparently it's something we all can do, but like any skill takes time to master.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ask the Author

To round out the interviews I've been doing over the past weeks I thought it would be fun to give some of the Dream Traveler characters a chance to ask me questions. Joining me are Raven, Violet, Blade, Cook, and Becca from the Fortress Basin and Ren and Ryan from the Steeple Basin. Let's get started.

KL: I'm so happy to welcome all of you here. Who has a question?

JONAH: So I'd like to know why you set me up with unrequited love.

KL: It adds tension to the story. Readers like that sort of thing.

RAVEN: So really we're just pawns?

KL: Um... well... next question please.

COOK: I get that adapting to living in a forest takes time, and that the move was necessary. But a decent kitchen set up once we got to the protected basin would've been nice. Back at the manor house I used to work with top of the line equipment.

KL: That's more of a comment.

BECCA: I think your food's just as tasty as ever, Cook. But I have a question similar to Jonah's.

KL: What about you, Blade, anything you'd like to ask?

BLADE: You mean such as why do I get the dysfunctional family with the stuck up, whining, egotistical parents? No, no questions here.

RYAN: I wanna know why I have to chop so much wood.

RAVEN: And why does my Gift take forever to show up?

RYAN: At least Dream Travel's easy for you. It kinda gives me a headache.

(assorted complaints and outbursts)

KL: Cardonians, please. I do try my best to listen to you while I'm writing your story.

REN: Guess you didn't hear that I wanted to be taller.

KL: Sorry.

VIOLET: Yeah, and what about what me and Raven had to go through? I mean losing our mom before the story even starts...

KL: Listen everyone, I still have the revisions to work on.

VIOLET: Maybe you should have a comment box. Then we could all have a say. Blade, pass me that pen and paper.

KL: Maybe. Well it's been great having you all here-

RAVEN: You're kicking us out already?

REN: But this couch is so soft.

BECCA: And so dry.

KL: Your story calls, you know.

JONAH: We can take these snacks, right?

KL: Here, let me get the door. Ren I'll need that pillow back.

REN: What pillow?

KL: Fine, you can keep it.

That went well. They're much easier to manage in my head. They're a great bunch, though. I hope you'll agree when Book One of The Cardonian Chronicles, The Dream Traveler, gets released this fall.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Rendering

I'm pleased this week to introduce Ren, one of the youngest characters in The Dream Traveler. Don't let the shifty eyed skin and bones look fool you; Ren has a heart of gold and the strength of a lion cub.

Image courtesy of anankkml/

KL: So Ren, you're a--

R: A warrior.

KL: You're a little young to be a warrior, aren't you?

R: No. Moonlight's teaching me. She knows how to break bones and kill people. Now I do, too.

KL: Is breaking bones a useful skill in the Steeple Basin?

R: The place is full of unsavories. More unsavory than me.

KL: Where did you live before the spirit invasion?

R: The city. No one can live there anymore. I don't know if the whole spirit thing is true, though.

KL: No one in your city was infected?

Image courtesy of hyena reality/

R: We left way before any spirits could get there. The Shielders said it was happening, so most everyone believed them.

KL: Most everyone?

R: Some people stayed put. I almost did. There was good looting once the crowds left.

KL: What changed your mind?

R: I was ready for something different. Are you gonna eat that?

KL: Please, help yourself. Wow, you're really hungry.

R: (through a mouthful) This stuff's really good.

KL: Tell me more about-- um, you know people don't usually scratch themselves there in public.

R: So?

KL: Anyway, you wanted a change.

R: Yeah, all my life it's been sleep in the gutter, hide in the shadows. I watch people. I never been a part of people.

KL: So this was a chance to be part of something.

R: I guess. Then I met Moonlight.

KL: Would you say she's the mother you never had?

R: Moonlight's nothing like my mother. She's my friend.

KL: How did you two meet?

R: She broke a man's wrist and I brought her some food I stole.

KL: And then you two were friends?

R: Yup.

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There you have it, a friendship meant to be. Having Ren here was a real treat. You can find out more about Ren, Moonlight, and all the rest in the soon to be released book, The Dream Traveler.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Art of Resistance

A couple of weeks ago I hoped to have one of my favorite characters, Moonlight, join me here for an interview. This week I got to do something even better: meet with Moonlight in her own setting, the Fortress Basin. The basin was even grander than I imagined, putting California's old growth redwood forests to shame. The greenery was greener, the trees more massive.  If not for the marauding outlaws popping up when you least expect them, I'd have stayed longer.

My first thought when meeting Moonlight was that I want to be just like her when I grow up-- strong, confident, self-reliant. She's six feet of muscle and grit, topped by white-blond tresses that seem to glow even in daylight. There's an air about her that makes me want to take kick-boxing, or one of those self-defense classes where you get to take down your attacker full force.

What I really wanted, though, was a lesson in Resistance. After experiencing the persuasive powers of Fillian Barnabas, I thought it wise to be better prepared in the future, just in case we come face to face again. The tips Moonlight gave might come in handy in the Real World, too, in those vulnerable moments of self-doubt and second guessing, when that savvy salesperson or that supervisor with the 'strong personality' is trying to pull one over on me.

Here it is in a nutshell, how to resist a Persuasive.

1. Find your center of power, the place inside you where YOU radiate from. For some it's in the solar plexus or heart. Others are centered in their gut. Taking a few quiet breaths helps with this step.

2. Imagine your center of power as a glowing sphere, and let it expand until it surrounds your entire body.

3. Choose a resistance mantra, something that affirms you as your own authority.  A simple one that Moonlight recommends is 'I am my truth; my truth is me.'

4. Avoid eye contact with all questionable Persuasives.

5. If eye contact is unavoidable, imagine pulling a shield down over your eyes to block out any insidious messages.

I think I left the Fortress Basin standing a little taller, glowing a little brighter. Almost hoping to run into Barnabas. Almost.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ancient Cardonian Telepathy

Last night while going through some of my artifacts, files, and other resources on Cardonia I happened upon an old, crumbling text entitled The Telepathic Gift. Intrigued, I decided to delve into it.

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 I think Telepathy is the Cardonian Gift that fascinates me the most, so it's a shame it no longer exists there. Perhaps there's a place for it in the Real World, though. Lately there seem to be more and more ordinary people opening up to extraordinary gifts. And besides, there's no threat of banishment or annihilation for these awesome individuals by a corrupt royal advisor.

The book is painstakingly detailed, but I managed to boil it down a bit. Here are 5 tips on how to develop your Telepathic Gift. Let me know if they work for you!

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1. Take a moment to focus your mind on a particular message. Allow any emotions attached to the message to rise up. They will give it more power.

2. Imagine the person who will be receiving the message. Pretend he or she is standing right in front of you.

3. Visualize the message, complete with emotions, flowing from you to the receiver.

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4. To allow a reply, imagine a blank white space in your mind. Focus on your breathing and this clear white space until a message comes to you. It might arrive as an image, feeling, or words.

5. Check in with the other person to share your experiences. And practice. The book says at least 10 times a day when you're first starting out.

10 times a day is a pretty hefty chunk of time, and that's for Cardonians who were naturally equipped with the Gift. Here in the Real World I guess we'd need to up that to at least 20 times a day. I think for now I'll stick with talking. And texting.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meet Moonlight

Welcome back everyone.  I had to pull a few strings, but managed to entice one of my favorite characters from The Dream Traveler, Moonlight, to join me today.  Let's get started.

KL: Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure you're not on the schedule today.

FB: Fillian Barnabas; pleasure to meet you. Yes, I know you had planned on someone else, but I thought your readers would benefit more from an interview with me, don't you think?

KL: Well, maybe. But I was really hoping to talk with Moonlight.

FB:  Oh, Moonlight's a busy woman. Wouldn't want to bother her, would you?

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KL: No, I suppose not. But... Wow, your eyes are really intense.

FB: Part of my Gift. Just keep staring into them.

KL: And your voice, it's so pleasant.

FB: Yes, you just relax. You've been working much too hard.

KL: Anything you say, Fillian.

FB: Really? Well now that you mention it, I did have a few suggestions. Some ways to make your outstanding book The Dream Traveler even better, you know?  (sotto voce) Better for me, that is.

KL: Did you just chuckle?

FB: First of all, I must have a bigger army of supporters. Taking over an entire kingdom isn't exactly a walk in the park.

KL: (straightening up) Wait, what?

image courtesy of tiramisustudio/

FB: Just a suggestion. Here, have a drink. You're so tense. That's better. As I was saying, just a small tweak here and there, to really make the book pop. Of course it wouldn't hurt if you added a love interest for me. Even vill- I mean victors need someone special, heh heh.

KL:  Mmm, yes, good idea.  No, hang on a sec. I know what you're doing. You're the Persuasive they warned me about. I'm calling security.

FB:  No need, no need.  I was just leaving.  But remember what I said.

Wow, he's even creepier in person. Sorry about that, everyone. Hopefully Moonlight can join us next week. Until then, if you happen to come across a tall, lanky guy with graying hair and intense green eyes, be sure to run the other way.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I don't think we're in Veralin anymore...

This week I'm so excited to introduce another character from The Dream Traveler.  Ryan is the only child of a single mom, and at 16 years old has shown remarkable maturity and strength in the face of a major catastrophe.  In today's interview, Ryan shares some of the challenges that have arisen in the aftermath of the spirit invasion of Cardonia.

KL: Thanks for being here today, Ryan.  So I understand that the people in your city had more time than others to escape once the spirits invaded Cardonia.

R: Yeah, Veralin is in the northern part of Cardonia, so we had a pretty good lead on the spirits, which were entering from the south.

KL:  From what I know of Cardonian geography, the mountain ranges at the core of the kingdom, which is where people are protected from the spirits, are split into four sections.

R: Each quadrant surrounds a basin or valley, yes.  So people in the northeastern part of the kingdom, like me, evacuated to the northeastern basin, which is surrounded by the Steeple Mountains.

KL: Coming from a city, I would imagine it would be especially difficult for you to adjust to living in what must be very primitive conditions.

R: I think it's been harder for my mom, since she's not comfortable in big crowds of people, but yeah, going from a sturdy house with nice, thick walls and a comfortable bed to sleeping on the ground near a fire with maybe a blanket hung over a branch for privacy is tough.

KL: I would imagine food is an issue as well.

R:  Definitely.  We packed as much as we could, but now we're really relying on each other, meaning not just me and my mom but everyone in the camp.

KL: And so everyone helps out with finding resources?

R: (nods) We have a few Plant Tenders; they're really helpful, and enough people who can hunt who are willing to share any game they catch.  You know, for the most part people pitch in where they can.

Image courtesy of Tom Curtis/

KL: In all of northeastern Cardonia it seems there'd be more than just a few Plant Tenders.

R: There are, but here's the thing: a lot of people from Veralin and other cities in that area don't really use their Gifts.  Plus, once we got news that the royal family had left Cardonia, a lot of people started fighting and the group broke apart into smaller factions.  Most of the active Plant Tenders took off.

KL: A smaller group means fewer mouths to feed.  Is it possible that the breaking up of the larger group was a good thing?

R: I think a smaller group is more manageable.  I just think it's sad that in this time of crisis, people started fighting instead of working together.  It just seemed like no one was really willing to step up and be a leader, even those who had previously been leaders in their own cities.

KL: Finding out about the royal family must have been really shocking for everyone.

R: It was, and like I mentioned earlier, no one stepped forward as a clear leader for northeastern Cardonia.  I think it was just too overwhelming, so people were doing what they felt they needed to in order to survive.  A lot of them figured this was it, this was our new life.

KL: And what exactly did they do?

R: People found each other.  There'd be a group of thinkers and academic type people over here, and then some Healers over there.  Or a bunch of people who thought we were better off without the queen, who were ready to establish a whole new country for themselves.  The basin covers a pretty large area, so groups just took off to who knows where.

KL: Is safety an issue?

R: So far the larger animals have kept their distance.  The bigger threat has been people acting out of anger or desperation.  The Shielders who stayed with the original camp keep getting messages about raids within the basin.

KL: Does that worry you?

Image courtesy of olovedog/

R: So far it's been mostly groups with a lot of nobles or rich merchants being raided, but the attacks seem to be getting more violent, so I am worried. (shakes his head) I just want things to go back to normal.

KL: You've shown a lot of courage so far and seem like a pretty level headed guy.  I'm sure if anyone can come through this unscathed, you can.

R: Thanks.  I'm trying to be strong for my mom.  It's not easy though.  One minute I was in school, the next I was leaving everything behind.

KL: That's not something many of us can even imagine.  Unfortunately we do have to say good-bye.  I'm hoping for the best for you and your mom.

Wow, talk about putting things into perspective.  I'll be taking more moments to be grateful for what I have and encourage my readers to do the same.  Thanks for joining me and be sure to check back in next week for another peek at the Cardonian Chronicles.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Shielder and the Dream Traveler

One of my many excuses for neglecting my blog these past few months was that I've been spending a lot of time on a new book, due to be published this fall.  

The Dream Traveler is a young adult fantasy featuring a sassy heroine who takes on the challenge of saving her fellow Cardonians from a devious, power hungry villain willing to sacrifice innocent lives on his way to usurping the throne. Meanwhile, an invasion of wrathful spirits has forced everyone to evacuate their homes to escape the gruesome effects that these spirits have on people once night falls.

I recently had the rare opportunity to sit down with The Dream Traveler's two main characters, Jonah and Raven, the Dream Traveler herself, to talk about the unique qualities that distinguish Cardonia from the Real World.

KL: Raven, when people here in the Real World mention having a gift, they might mean a talent or a special skill, but for you and other Cardonians it’s a Gift, capital ‘G’, meaning something very different.

R: Yeah, every Cardonian has a Gift, and it could be something boring like Plant Tending, meaning you can like practically speak to plants, or something really cool like my Gift, which is Dream Traveling.

Image courtesy of Tigger11th/

KL: So Cardonians are born with this special ability?

R: No, it usually shows up when you’re around 12, sometimes a little later.

KL: Which was your experience, I understand.  Was it hard waiting for your Gift to show up?

R: Patience isn’t really my thing, so yeah I was a little pissed that it took a few extra years to get my Gift. Especially with my sister reminding me every five minutes that she's an Empath.

KL: You mentioned your Gift is Dream Traveling.

R: Yes, so when I’m asleep, I can basically separate from my body and travel to different places in Cardonia.

KL: Sort of like astral projection.

R: (shrugs) Maybe, but I've never heard of that.

KL: So Jonah, you’re a Shielder.  Tell me a little bit about that.

J: Sure.  Shielding is actually a fairly recently discovered Gift.

KL: How so?

J: Those of us with this Gift didn’t realize its use until about a hundred years ago when soldiers guarding the Badlands started experiencing strange symptoms.

KL: Like what?

J: Hallucinations, fits of anger, some got really violent with each other.  The few who weren’t affected happened to be Shielders. They figured out that it was actually the spirits of the massacred Telepaths that were leaking from the Badlands and into Cardonia. 

KL: It sounds like Cardonia has a few skeletons in its closet.

R: No, they're spirits.  This royal advisor hundreds of years ago decided he didn't like Telepaths, and being the dirty Persuasive that he was, he convinced enough people it would be a good idea to exile everyone with the Gift of Telepathy to the Badlands.

KL: Jonah mentioned a massacre.

R: Well yeah, no one could survive in the Badlands, it's just endless desert.

KL: Back to Shielding - can you explain how it works?

Image courtesy of Gualberto 107/

J: Well the earth beneath Cardonia is actually infused with this shielding energy.  It's stronger in some spots than others, like the mountains at the center of the kingdom.  Anyway, Shielders have the ability to channel this energy.  Originally they were called Messengers, because they used this energy to cast messages to each other, but then learned that it can be used to create a Shield to protect against supernatural threat.

KL: What do you mean by casting messages?

J: Since we’re all connected through this energy, it’s like we’re all holding onto the same thread.  So we can use that connection to transmit messages.

KL: How is that different from Telepathy?

J: Telepaths were able send a message directly from one mind to another, and could even get a really close read on what non-Telepaths were thinking.  When a Shielder casts a message, it’s received by all the other Shielders in Cardonia.

KL: That sounds like a migraine waiting to happen.

J: (laughing) It can be overwhelming at first.

R: Are we through here? We really have to get back to defeating evil, you know.

KL: That's right.  Tell me more about this villain.

R: (grabbing Jonah's arm) Another time.

KL: You guys make a really cute couple by the way.

R: (gagging sound) He wishes.

KL: Yes, well thanks for chatting with me.  Good luck with that villain and hopefully we can do this again soon.

I was sad to see them go, but wish them all the best in their quest to save Cardonia.  Please join me again next week when I'll get to talk with another main player in this tale of deception, revenge, loss, and despite what Raven says, love. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Books and Chocolate

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My blog has been looking a bit... abandoned, but thanks to a kind invitation to join this Books and Chocolate Blog Tour, I'm back on track.  When Julie Gorges first extended the invite to me, I was not clear on what a blog tour was, but I'm game for pretty much anything involving chocolate.  So thanks, Julie, for reaching out!

From the limited digital contact I've had with Julie, I've learned that she is a warm, friendly person with a great sense of humor and wise words to share.  Here is a little more about her:  

Julie Gorges grew up writing poetry and keeping journals. She turned that love for writing into a 20-year professional career. In addition to her blog, Baby Boomer Bliss, Julie has had two young adult novels and one non-fiction book published as well as hundreds of articles and short stories published in regional and national magazines. In addition, she won three journalism awards as a newspaper reporter. Julie lives in southern California with her husband of 36 years, Scott, and has two grown sons and three grandchildren.

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The books I chose to feature for my leg of the tour are from my childhood, a time when eating chocolate was about blissfully stuffing half a Snickers Bar into my mouth with no thought of calories or sugar content.  They each still hold a place of honor in my personal library.

Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy is a touching and heartfelt story twisted around a healthy dose of creepy.  Young Maggie, rejected by a string of boarding schools for her ornery, disobedient nature, is sent to live with her two great aunts, her closest living relatives.  They make their home in an old boarding school, and as Maggie learns more about the history of the couple who once ran the school, she begins to hear voices, snippets of conversation that become louder and more insistent, until they finally lead her to discover a hidden door to the attic.  There she finds two porcelain dolls.  Yes, this is where the creepiness really gets into full swing, and at the same time, so does the tugging on the heart strings.  Behind the Attic Wall pairs perfectly with rich dark chocolate accented with sea salt, which will blend in with the tears this bittersweet book will likely cause you to shed.

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick /

You know that nice shivery feeling you get from a good ghost story?  Double Spell by Janet Lunn is another great ghost/ creepy doll story.  Twin sisters Jane and Elizabeth come across an old doll in an antique shop.  They are inexplicably drawn to the doll, and their fascination for it deepens as they start to uncover its tragic history, which threatens to pull one of the twins into its deadly grasp.  I recommend you enjoy Double Spell way past your bedtime, under the covers with a flashlight and a good old fashioned Twix bar.

On a lighter note, Time at the Top and All In Good Time by Edward Ormondroyd combine adventure, fantasy, and time travel in a real world setting.  No creepy dolls or ghosts, the biggest evils in these books are a busybody housekeeper, a swindling villain in pursuit of a widow's fortune, and a bossy, overbearing aunt.  In the first installment of this classic duo, Susan Shaw takes a trip in an elevator which transports her from her urban apartment building in the twentieth century to a grand Victorian in 1881.  She meets Robert and Victoria Walker, who convince her to help them reveal the underhanded intentions of the man who has been relentlessly courting their mother.  When Susan returns home, the only person who believes her story is Mr. Ormondroyd, a writer in her apartment building who narrates the whole account.

Image courtesy of usamedeniz /

All In Good Time continues where Time At The Top leaves off, with Susan taking her bemused father on a trip in the elevator.  Mr. Ormondroyd is again part of the story when he discovers an old leather journal chronicling Susan's efforts to convince her father to build a new life in the past.  Ormondroyd's writing is the kind of deft, witty, magical writing I though was extinct until I read Harry Potter.  Break open a box of Junior Mints and dive with full abandon into these books, which are both fun and refreshing, with just a touch of nostalgia for the good old days.

My final pick is The Silver Crown by Robert C. O'Brien (he also wrote Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH).  This is a futuristic fantasy which opens on the morning of Ellen's 10th birthday.  She finds a silver crown on her pillow, takes a walk, and witnesses a mysterious explosion that destroys her house.  Panicked and devastated by the loss of her family, Ellen makes her way to an aunt's house, hoping to find answers.  Instead she is led deeper into a chilling and mind boggling reality.  This book will keep you turning the pages, unable to abandon Ellen no matter how courageous she appears to be.  A jumbo sized bag of peanut M&Ms is just the thing to keep you from biting your nails down to nubs as each layer of the story reveals yet another astonishing plot twist.

Thanks for making this stop on the Books and Chocolate Blog Tour!  Make sure to visit the other blogs on this tour by following the links below, and feel free to comment with your own favorite book and chocolate combos.

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