Sunday, September 7, 2014

5 Ways to Enhance Your Gift of Dream Traveling

Of all the Gifts those lucky Cardonians get to have, one of my favorites is Dream Travel. I asked Raven to explain to me how she does it. She told me she just goes to sleep and it happens. Not so helpful for a Real World girl. Lucky for me the internet is a vast resource of endless Google searches. After a fascinating few hours of reading up on astral projection, the Real World's equivalent to Dream Travel, I put together some quick tips on how to begin developing this elusive skill.

1. Turn off phones, alarms, etc. to avoid distractions.

It's gonna be tricky setting your astral body free while you're reaching for your phone to read that text that just came in. Or while telling your partner what's for dinner. So closing the door and posting a Do Not Disturb sign might be handy too.

2. Sit or lie quietly and allow yourself to relax.

How often do we let ourselves relax? I know finding the time can be a challenge. Consider using the time when you first wake up (and no one knows you're awake). You should already be relaxed, and hopefully well rested enough that you don't just fall asleep again.

3. Allow the process to happen (or not) in its own time.

Everything I've read about astral projection says it takes practice and patience. One article I read suggests imagining what it would feel like to separate your consciousness from your body. Another describes something called the rope method. Basically you imagine your astral self climbing a rope out of your body.

4. Try an audio aid that encourages theta brainwaves.

The brain typically produces theta waves when we are asleep or in a deep meditative state. This is also prime time for astral projection. There are tons of audios that cause binaural beats (the brain's response to different audio input from each ear) and help the listener get into a particular brainwave state. Here's one on YouTube for theta waves (you need to use headphones or you won't hear anything):

5. Keep notes in a journal to record your experiences.

You might start to notice patterns. Or find some techniques work better than others. Remember, astral projection might not happen right away. Or maybe you'll start to experience it and then stop. Apparently it's something we all can do, but like any skill takes time to master.

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