Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ask the Author

To round out the interviews I've been doing over the past weeks I thought it would be fun to give some of the Dream Traveler characters a chance to ask me questions. Joining me are Raven, Violet, Blade, Cook, and Becca from the Fortress Basin and Ren and Ryan from the Steeple Basin. Let's get started.

KL: I'm so happy to welcome all of you here. Who has a question?

JONAH: So I'd like to know why you set me up with unrequited love.

KL: It adds tension to the story. Readers like that sort of thing.

RAVEN: So really we're just pawns?

KL: Um... well... next question please.

COOK: I get that adapting to living in a forest takes time, and that the move was necessary. But a decent kitchen set up once we got to the protected basin would've been nice. Back at the manor house I used to work with top of the line equipment.

KL: That's more of a comment.

BECCA: I think your food's just as tasty as ever, Cook. But I have a question similar to Jonah's.

KL: What about you, Blade, anything you'd like to ask?

BLADE: You mean such as why do I get the dysfunctional family with the stuck up, whining, egotistical parents? No, no questions here.

RYAN: I wanna know why I have to chop so much wood.

RAVEN: And why does my Gift take forever to show up?

RYAN: At least Dream Travel's easy for you. It kinda gives me a headache.

(assorted complaints and outbursts)

KL: Cardonians, please. I do try my best to listen to you while I'm writing your story.

REN: Guess you didn't hear that I wanted to be taller.

KL: Sorry.

VIOLET: Yeah, and what about what me and Raven had to go through? I mean losing our mom before the story even starts...

KL: Listen everyone, I still have the revisions to work on.

VIOLET: Maybe you should have a comment box. Then we could all have a say. Blade, pass me that pen and paper.

KL: Maybe. Well it's been great having you all here-

RAVEN: You're kicking us out already?

REN: But this couch is so soft.

BECCA: And so dry.

KL: Your story calls, you know.

JONAH: We can take these snacks, right?

KL: Here, let me get the door. Ren I'll need that pillow back.

REN: What pillow?

KL: Fine, you can keep it.

That went well. They're much easier to manage in my head. They're a great bunch, though. I hope you'll agree when Book One of The Cardonian Chronicles, The Dream Traveler, gets released this fall.

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