Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Rendering

I'm pleased this week to introduce Ren, one of the youngest characters in The Dream Traveler. Don't let the shifty eyed skin and bones look fool you; Ren has a heart of gold and the strength of a lion cub.

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KL: So Ren, you're a--

R: A warrior.

KL: You're a little young to be a warrior, aren't you?

R: No. Moonlight's teaching me. She knows how to break bones and kill people. Now I do, too.

KL: Is breaking bones a useful skill in the Steeple Basin?

R: The place is full of unsavories. More unsavory than me.

KL: Where did you live before the spirit invasion?

R: The city. No one can live there anymore. I don't know if the whole spirit thing is true, though.

KL: No one in your city was infected?

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R: We left way before any spirits could get there. The Shielders said it was happening, so most everyone believed them.

KL: Most everyone?

R: Some people stayed put. I almost did. There was good looting once the crowds left.

KL: What changed your mind?

R: I was ready for something different. Are you gonna eat that?

KL: Please, help yourself. Wow, you're really hungry.

R: (through a mouthful) This stuff's really good.

KL: Tell me more about-- um, you know people don't usually scratch themselves there in public.

R: So?

KL: Anyway, you wanted a change.

R: Yeah, all my life it's been sleep in the gutter, hide in the shadows. I watch people. I never been a part of people.

KL: So this was a chance to be part of something.

R: I guess. Then I met Moonlight.

KL: Would you say she's the mother you never had?

R: Moonlight's nothing like my mother. She's my friend.

KL: How did you two meet?

R: She broke a man's wrist and I brought her some food I stole.

KL: And then you two were friends?

R: Yup.

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There you have it, a friendship meant to be. Having Ren here was a real treat. You can find out more about Ren, Moonlight, and all the rest in the soon to be released book, The Dream Traveler.

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