Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meet Moonlight

Welcome back everyone.  I had to pull a few strings, but managed to entice one of my favorite characters from The Dream Traveler, Moonlight, to join me today.  Let's get started.

KL: Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure you're not on the schedule today.

FB: Fillian Barnabas; pleasure to meet you. Yes, I know you had planned on someone else, but I thought your readers would benefit more from an interview with me, don't you think?

KL: Well, maybe. But I was really hoping to talk with Moonlight.

FB:  Oh, Moonlight's a busy woman. Wouldn't want to bother her, would you?

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KL: No, I suppose not. But... Wow, your eyes are really intense.

FB: Part of my Gift. Just keep staring into them.

KL: And your voice, it's so pleasant.

FB: Yes, you just relax. You've been working much too hard.

KL: Anything you say, Fillian.

FB: Really? Well now that you mention it, I did have a few suggestions. Some ways to make your outstanding book The Dream Traveler even better, you know?  (sotto voce) Better for me, that is.

KL: Did you just chuckle?

FB: First of all, I must have a bigger army of supporters. Taking over an entire kingdom isn't exactly a walk in the park.

KL: (straightening up) Wait, what?

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FB: Just a suggestion. Here, have a drink. You're so tense. That's better. As I was saying, just a small tweak here and there, to really make the book pop. Of course it wouldn't hurt if you added a love interest for me. Even vill- I mean victors need someone special, heh heh.

KL:  Mmm, yes, good idea.  No, hang on a sec. I know what you're doing. You're the Persuasive they warned me about. I'm calling security.

FB:  No need, no need.  I was just leaving.  But remember what I said.

Wow, he's even creepier in person. Sorry about that, everyone. Hopefully Moonlight can join us next week. Until then, if you happen to come across a tall, lanky guy with graying hair and intense green eyes, be sure to run the other way.

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