Saturday, September 20, 2014

Enhancing Your Gift of Shielding

Here in the Real World we could be luckier than we think. It might be fun to just imagine having Gifts like Cardonians to travel in dream form or heal with a simple touch. But I think each of us has these abilities to a certain extent. Take Shielding, for example.

In Cardonia, Jonah and other Shielders use their Gift to channel energy from underground and extend it to protect against the horrifying effects of the invading spirits. In the Real World we might not face the problem of psychosis inducing spirit attacks, but some would say there are unwanted energies floating about.

Ever had the experience of going from happy and energized to exhausted and irritable after spending time with a certain someone? It's possible you had your energy zapped by what some call an energy vampire, or had your aura invaded by their negative vibes. Maybe it was the negative attitude of a co-worker or the cloying neediness of an acquaintance. Or even a friend who's just in a bad mood. 

It might sound out there, but stranger things have happened. People who are especially sensitive to picking up energies might even be plagued by disturbing, twisted dreams. They might sense a darkness about them when they are typically light, happy people.

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Luckily, Shielding is not just a Cardonian trick. It's something anyone can do to protect their own energetic space. It's pretty easy, too.

First, you can imagine white light pouring into you through the top of your head. Lovely, safe, and sparkling. Pretend the light is filling your whole body, streaming into your arms, fingers, legs, and toes.

Then, envision the light expanding beyond your skin and forming a protective shield all around you. As big as you want.

That's it. So simple, even an Earthling can do it. Happy Shielding!

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