Sunday, January 15, 2017

Laundromat Lessons

Remember that Friends episode when Ross takes Rachel out to the laundromat? It's sort of been like that for my husband and me for the past two years. When we took that leap to redo the basement, we also faced the hard truth that (No, it can't be!) we would be without laundry facilities. In the beginning I was like Rachel, overwhelmed and certain I would never get the hang of this new routine. Now I can see I was overdue for a little toughening up.

The first few trips were pretty rocky. We forgot the softener. We needed cash to get quarters. We got in each others' way. 

But then communication started to happen, and teamwork. If I bought quarters, he bought dinner. He would load up detergent and I would pay the machines. While folding our clean clothes, we would find things to talk about, or even strike up a conversation with other laundromat regulars. Laundry night became our date night.

As much as I dislike washing my unmentionables in public, I have to say I'm grateful for the experience. Also grateful for my new laundry room. Soooo grateful. Won't be taking the ability to do laundry at midnight in my p.j.s for granted ever again.