Sunday, July 31, 2016

Something Strange - I Mean Unique - About Me

I see faces in strange places. I suspect I'm not alone in this.

It started when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. Looking into my closet, there, on the sleeves of my dresses, were faces. Fantastical, fairy like faces, creepy enough for me to keep the closet door shut. There was also a witch's face on a drawer of my bureau. Twisted and framed by frizzy hair. Eventually my sisters and I hung a towel over the drawer to hide it.

faces image courtesy of Oleiah/
Even now, random marks and shapes take on life and meaning. Streaks on my car window seem ready to leap off the glass. A wisp of hair on the shower tile mimics a dancer's movements. The most recent experience with this was in my Pilates class. Lying on a roller, gazing up at the ceiling as I pressed down on the arm straps I found an entire scene of characters playing out some unknown story. I'm pretty sure it was a love story.

I've seen a wolf's head on a knobby branch of the tree in my backyard, and I swear the Green Man came to visit in the guise of one of my ferns.

I don't usually see such things in clouds, though, and oddly enough, I don't have good facial recognition. If I've met you once, even twice, chances are if we run into each other out of context, I won't remember who you are.

Of course this isn't something I typically bring up in conversation. That would totally blow my cover as someone who passes for normal. But that makes me wonder... how much are we "normal" people actually hiding?

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